AMPLET's Experience Station in Amateur Radio

AMPLET's Experience Station in Amateur Radio (8J1YAQ) inspires children and young persons to pursue interests and careers in Science, Wireless Communication Technology, and Engineering through Amateur Radio Communication opportunities with worldwide Amateur Radio operators.

AMPLET Ham Club (JH1YTU) and AMPLET Communication Laboratory sponsor this educational opportunity by providing the equipment and operational support to enable direct communication between amateur radio operators and all people around the world via Amateur Radio.

* QRA : AMPLET's Experience Station in Amateur Radio

* Callsign : 8J1YAQ

* Date of the Licence of 8J1YAQ : July 12, 2022

* Date of Expiration of 8J1YAQ : May 30, 2023

* QTH : 4-2, Taito 3-chome, Taito-ku,

Tokyo 110-0016, Japan (JCC #100106 / PM95VQ)

c/o AMPLET Communication Laboratory

* President : Dr. NEBIYA Hideyuki / JE1BQE

* : 8J1YAQ / JH1YTU / JE1BQE

* : 07-17-2022, 08:14 AM

* : "Ham Fair 2022" Report

[QTC] After June 1, 2023, callsign will change from 8J1YAQ to JH1YTU.

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