History of JE1BQE

I was born and raised in Akihabara, Tokyo, I was literally a "Radio Boy". I became interested in radio when I saw a scene in the American (CBS) comedy drama "Gilligan's Island" in which the cruise ship on which the main character, Gilligan (a sailor), was cast adrift due to engine trouble, and he converted a radio into a radio to send out an SOS on the island he reached.


In 1971, I got my 1st amateur radio station license of JE1BQE in Taito-ku, Tokyo, and in 1976, I also got my 2nd amateur radio station license of JA9QZH in Uozu-city, Toyama Pref. I have been enjoying radio ever since. My current job (designing wireless communication equipment) is also greatly influenced by this childhood hobby.

When I enjoy to operate amateur radio, I prefar the mysterious 50 MHz band, where we can suddenly hear amateur radio stations in places, where you normally can't hear them all over the world. and I love the "di-dah" communications in Morse code, which you can hear clearly through the noise, like a candle flame in the dark of night.

I have been enjoying to operate amateur radio from abroad. Since operating JE1BQE/DL and DK0RA from West Germany in 1976, we have enjoyed to operate amateur radio from overseas, including DL/JE1BQE in Germany after the unification of East and West, W4/JE1BQE, W6/JE1BQE, W7/JE1BQE, W9/JE1BQE (W* means the prefix in the callsign of U.S.A,), KH0/JE1BQE and KK6RT/KH0 (KH0 means the prefix in the callsign of Saipan), JD1BOO (Ogasawara Islands) , and HL3ZCG (Daejeon, Korea).

My hobby grew... I wanted to design my own ideal radios and antennas, so in 1987 I established my own radio equipment engineering company, AMPLET, Inc., which continues as AMPLET Communication Laboratory to now.

Currently, I make seminars on Wireless Communication Technology in various parts of Japan and lectures on Communications at some universities.

My another hobby was playing guitar.

About Dr. NEBIYA Hideyuki

* Birthplace : Taito-ku, Tokyo

* Zodiac Sign : Aries

* Degree : Doctor of Engineering

* Motto : Continuation is Power

* Amateur 1st Class Radio Operator (JE1BQE) [ Website]

[Current Occupation]

* President, AMPLET Communication Laboratory [ Website]

* Special Lecturer, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University [ Website]

* Part-time Lecturer, College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University [ Website]

[Research Themes]

* Human Body Communication (HBC) [ Website]

* RFID [ Website]

[Research Groups]

* Human Body Communication Consortium (HBCC) [ Website]

* Joint Seminar on Human Body Communication between Japan and Korea [ Website]

* Human Resource Development Project with Chungnam National University [ Website]

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